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Distance: 7,200 Light Years Magnitude: 7.2 Size: 25 Arc-minutes Age: Approx. 4 million years Telescope: Takahashi TOA-130 Camera: QSI 683 Mount: AP 1100 Exposures: L 20×600 Bin 1, SII 25×900, Ha 25×900, OIII 25×900 NGC 7380, The Wizard Nebula, is an open cluster surrounded by the emission nebula from which it formed. NGC 7380 is […]

It has always been a dream of mine to have a small observatory. Well actually a big observatory with room for two mounts and a conditioned space for a desk, bed, and small kitchenette. The large observatory will have to wait but for now I am building a small observatory that has a pier for […]

The month of September looked very promising as the new moon allowed back to back weekend trips just like August. However, a lingering storm from Baja Mexico stalled over Northern Mexico and SE California and that changed everything. The first weekend was a rain and cloud fest as predicted by several agencies so I did […]

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