LDN 1235 Region

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LDN 1235 Region

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Object Name: LDN 1235 Region

Distance: 650 Light Years

Magnitude: Vdb 149 9.0 VdB 150 8.4

Telescope: Borg 71

Camera: QSI683

Mount: AP1100

Exposures: L 18×420 Bin 1, R 24×210 Bin 2, G 30×210 Bin 2, B 30×210 Bin 2

This image was captured from my home in a Bortle 6 zone. It is possible to capture low brightness dark nebula from the city lights. I had a battle with some light pollution gradients so it was either choose between a lighter background showing a bit more dust or darkening up the background. I chose the latter.

LDN 1235 is a dark nebula that appears as the eye of a shark in my image. LDN 1235 is part of a larger dust area with a shape that resembles a shark with its mouth open. LDN 1235 is located in the constellation Cepheus and is classified as an Extended Red Emission nebula. 

Also in my image are VdB 149 and VdB 150. VdB 149 is located on the belly of the shark and is a magnitude 9 reflection nebula. VdB 150 is located on the top of the head close to the dorsal fin and it is a magnitude 8.4 reflection nebula.

There is a small and distant galaxy named PGC 67671. It is behind the dorsal fin and just above the body of the shark. Not much is known about this galaxy but it has had some recent supernovas. 

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