Rosette Nebula

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Rosette Nebula SHO

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Distance: 5,200 Light Years

Magnitude: 9.0

Size: 1.3 Degrees

Telescope: Borg 71

Camera: QSI683

Mount: AP1100

Exposures: SII 10×480, Ha 12×480, OIII 10×480

This image was captured from my home in a Bortle 6/7 region.

The Rosette nebula is a large emission nebula in the constellation Monoceros. It consists of several star clusters with surrounding emission nebula designated as NGC 2237, 2238, 2239, and 2246 all surrounding the central open star cluster NGC 2244. It also has a Sharpless Catalog designation as SH2-275 and a Caldwell designation as Caldwell 49.

NGC 2244, the central star cluster is very young and was formed from the gas surrounding the cluster. This cluster is also responsible for illuminating the surrounding gas that forms the Rosette nebula. The cluster contains Type O and B stars which are very large, very hot, and the ultraviolet radiation from these stars form the “hole” in the center of the nebula by blasting away the less dense gas.

Star formation is still occurring in this region as other small clusters (NGC 2238, 2239) have been detected in the surrounding gas areas of the nebula.

Object Name: Rosette Nebula LRGB

Exposures: L 24×300 Bin 1, R 24×150 Bin 2, G 24×150 Bin 2, B 24×150 Bin 2

Rosette Nebula LRGB

For a full size image click here.

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