IC 405

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IC 405,Caldwell 31, SH2-229

Name: IC 405
Alternate Names: Caldwell 31, SH2-229, Flaming Star Nebula
Constellation: Auriga
Distance: 1,500 Light Years
Magnitude: 9
Size: 37 x 10 Arc Minutes
Type: Emission/Reflection Nebula
Discovered: John Schaeberle March 21, 1892
Fun Facts: AE Aurigae, the brightest star in the nebula, was originally part of the Orion nebula star forming region. It has moved 60 degrees since then and now illuminates the gas/dust in the Auriga constellation. It is still on the move.

Telescope: Televue NP101
Camera: QSI 683
Mount: Losmandy G11
Exposure: Ha= 15×1200 Seconds

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