Helix Nebula

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Helix Nebula NGC 7293

Name: Helix Nebula
Alternate Names: NGC 7293
Constellation: Aquarius
Distance: 700 Light years
Magnitude: 7.6
Size: 25 arc minutes
Type: Planetary Nebula
Discovered: Karl Ludwig Harding approx. 1824
Fun Facts: The Helix Nebula has recently taken a new nickname, the Eye of God. It appears similar
in shape to an eye and with a high powered telescope an “iris” can be seen. These are
caused by cometary knots that expand away from the planetary nebula nucleus also
known as the core remnant star.

Telescope: Televue NP101
Camera: QSI 683
Mount: Astro-Physics AP900
Exposure: L=10×900 Seconds, R=7×900 Seconds, G=7×900 Seconds, B=6×900 Seconds