NGC 7000

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North American Nebula, NGC 7000, Caldwell 20, SH2-117

Name: NGC 7000
Alternate Names: SH2-117, Caldwell 20, North American Nebula
Constellation: Cygnus
Distance: 1,600 Light Years
Magnitude: 6
Size: 120 x 100 Arc Minutes
Type: Emission Nebula
Discovered: William Herschel October 24, 1786
Fun Facts: The North American nebula closely resembles the continent of North America. The Eastern seaboard, Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Central America, Western seaboard, and parts of Canada are seen in the photo above.

Telescope: Televue NP101
Camera: SBIG 8300C
Mount: Celestron CGEM
Exposure: Ha= 24×600 Seconds

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