Lunar Eclipse April 14-15 2014

Distance: 238,855 Miles (Average)                                 Camera: Canon DSLR + 400mm Lens
Magnitude: -13 Full Moon, -1 Eclipsed Moon            Mount: Tripod
Size: 2,159.2 Miles Diameter                                            Exposure: 1/1600 Second

I rarely try to image the moon but I could not let this opportunity pass as a full Lunar eclipse viewable in totality does not occur often. The sky was clear at sunset but by 10PM the marine layer was coming up the valley. I went ahead with my plan but was cut short just after midnight, however I was fortunate enough to capture the first half before it clouded over completely.

I don’t know about all of the talk regarding this being a “Blood Moon”. I don’t remember hearing this term during the last lunar eclipse in 2011. I’m sure it is a media creation to drum up viewers.

I used 64 .jpeg images to create the video and added two separate images at the end that show the orange colored fully eclipsed moon.




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  • John,
    Thank you ever so much for an informative and pleasurable day. Your hospitality was
    greatly appreciated. I’m sure my learning curve will not be as steep as it would have been if not for you. Good luck at Anza this week if you go.
    Clear Skies,

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