IC 1848 Closeup


IC1848 SHO Version

Distance: 6,500 Light Years
Magnitude: 6.5
Size: 30 x 24 Arc-minutes FOV
Age: Approx. 1 Million Years
Telescope: Takahashi TOA-130
Camera: QSI 683
Mount: AP 1100
Exposures: SII 20×900, Ha 27×900, OIII 25×900

IC 1848 is an emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia and is located in the Perseus arm of our galaxy. The common name is the Soul Nebula. There are several areas of dense and dark dusty areas in my image. These areas are shaped by the ultraviolet radiation from nearby star clusters. Eventually the dark structures will be blown away either by new star formation in the pillars or nearby ultraviolet radiation from the nearby clusters. For now they make a stunning image with a backdrop of colorful HII gas.

HOO Version:


IC 1848 HOO Version

HaRGB Version:


IC 1848 HaRGB Version

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