IC 1805 The Heart Nebula

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Heart Nebula SHO Version

For a full size image click here.

Distance: 7,500 Light Years

Magnitude: 18.3

Size: 150 Arc Minutes

Telescope: Borg 71

Camera: QSI683

Mount: AP1100

Exposures: SII 29×600 Bin 2, Ha 38×1200 Bin 1, OIII 36×600 Bin 2

This image was captured from my home in a Bortle 6/7 zone.

IC 1805, the Heart Nebula, is a large emission nebula in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is also identified as SH2-190 in the Sharpless catalog. The brightest part of the Heart nebula is a star cluster at the center of the Heart. This cluster is known as Melotte 15 and contains several massive stars. There is also an interesting gaseous structure rising from the middle of the cluster. This structure is in constant change due to the radiation of the massive stars in this cluster.

Also captured in the upper right of my image is NGC 896, commonly called the Fish Head nebula. It is also cataloged as IC 1795. It is the brightest nebula in this image due to the young and massive stars that remain hidden behind the gas in the area.

LRGB Image:

Exposures: L 29×300 Bin 1, R 30×180 Bin 2, G 30×180 Bin 2, B 30×180 Bin 2

Heart Nebula LRGB Version

For a full size version click here.

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