Horse Head Region

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Horse Head Region
Horse Head Region

For a full size image click here.

Distance: 1,500 Light Years

Camera: QSI 683

Telescope: Borg 71

Mount: AP1100

Exposures: L 24×300 Bin 1, R 24×150 Bin 2, G 23×150 Bin 2, B 25×150 Bin 2

Here is my attempt at the Horse Head and Flame region. I captured this image from my home in a Bortle 6 zone. I am posting an LRGB image plus an HA image.

The Horse Head nebula is a dark nebula in the constellation Orion. Star formation has been verified inside the head with infrared imaging. The dark nebula which forms the Horse Head stand out against the backdrop of emission nebula IC 434. The curtain like effect is the result of a magnetic field radiating out from the Horse Head area. Just below and to the left is the blue tinted NGC 2023. Below that is a smaller reflection nebula IC 435.

The Flame nebula is to the left of the Horse Head in my image. It is illuminated by the bright stat Alnitak. Active star formation is happening in the Flame nebula and there is a small star cluster that was discovered inside via near infrared imaging. Close by are IC 432 and IC 432. These are small reflection nebulas.

Below is an HA image consisting of 33×1200 second exposures:

Horse Head Region HA

For a full size image click here.

2 thoughts on “ : Horse Head Region”
  • Mike says:

    This is an awesome image! Just found you on Cloudy Nights. Your web page is very well done! Very professional.
    Mike ( Elmiko) on CN.

    • JB says:

      Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words! I have been out of the hobby for 4 years but I have about 15-20 images from 2015 that I am working on. I will eventually post them.


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