The Wizard Nebula

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Wizard Nebula NGC 7380

Name: The Wizard Nebula
Alternate Names: NGC 7380, SH2-142
Constellation: Cepheus
Distance: 7,200 Light Years
Magnitude: 7.2
Size: 25 arc minutes
Type: Emission Nebula
Discovered: Caroline Herschel 1787
Fun Facts: The Wizard Nebula is an Emission nebula that is illuminated by an open star cluster. Use your imagination and you can see a profile view of a mythical wizard. This is a false color image using the SHO method of combining the three different images consisting of SII gas, Ha gas, and OIII gas.

Telescope: Televue NP101
Camera: QSI 683
Mount: Astro-Physics AP900
Exposure: SII=17×1200 Seconds, Ha=25×1200 Seconds, OIII=18×1200 Seconds