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For a full size image click here. Distance: 1,500 Light Years Camera: QSI 683 Telescope: Borg 71 Mount: AP1100 Exposures: L 24×300 Bin 1, R 24×150 Bin 2, G 23×150 Bin 2, B 25×150 Bin 2 Here is my attempt at the Horse Head and Flame region. I captured this image from my home in […]

For a full size image click here. Exposures: L 14×300, R 10×300, G 13×300 B 12×300 Telescope: Televue NP101 + .8 Reducer Camera: QSI 683 Mount: AP900 Distance: 1,500 Light Years                       Magnitude: Not Known                              Size:  H. Head 8’x6’ Flame 30’x30’        Age: Not Known                                            Every winter I always try to shoot two objects, […]

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